Our Communication & Media program has a focus on advocacy and social justice embedded in and outside of class. We discuss and analyze issues such as gender, race, and class, and think about ways to use communication knowledge and skills to advocate for marginalized groups. 

 Our social justice mission is animated through exciting learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom such as our Youth Media Advocacy Project (YMAP), a course that provides students with the knowledge and skills to teach inner city high school students how to use media to advocate for causes they care about.

Communication & Media students also have the opportunity to hone their skills by writing for the Carlow Chronicle, our student newspaper, or producing Sports Talk, our sports webcast. Our students do well by engaging in dynamic internship experiences with advertising and public relations firms, local media, our local sports teams, and many non-profit organizations. After graduation, excellent career opportunities abound in all areas of communication practice.

The Communication & Media major provides you with the knowledge and skills that every employer values – excellent written, oral and digital communication skills and a strong foundation in communication knowledge, strategies, and ethics.


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Where Our Graduates Go

Recent Carlow graduates who majored in communication fields have interned or accepted full-time positions such as:

  • Community Realtions intern, PittsburghPenguins
  • Digital Organizer, Penn Environmental Pittsburgh
  • Digital Marketing Intern, Blue Sky ETO
  • Comm Intern, Seekahoo
  • Outreach and Events Intern, KivaPittsburgh
  • Marketing Intern, Humane Animal Rescue
  • Social Media Intern, 31st Street Studios
  • Music Marketing and Promotions intern, Opus OneProductions
  • Intern at MARC USA

Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Media Course Information

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Locations: Main Oakland Campus



You will be introduced to the study of mass communication and industries that constitute the mass media in our society. You will examine the development of each of the major mass media; the social and economic status of each medium today; the function of news, advertising, and public relations; and some basic concepts in communication law and ethics.


You will learn to write tightly organized, concise, “hard news” stories. You'll also learn interviewing, basic investigative skills, and practice writing for print and online media sources. Pre-requisite is SKC101.


The purpose of this course is to build on skills introduced in CM 260 Writing for Media and to introduce and develop your knowledge and skills in digital storytelling. You are introduced to the basics of storytelling (narrative), e-publishing, audio and video production as well as the strategic choices involved in the creation and online distribution of digital messages. Ultimately, this course will prepare you to become proficient in digital forms of communication that are essential for 21st Century communication practitioners. Pre-requisite is CM 260.

note: this is just a small sample of the variety of classes you'll be taking. for more details about these classes and more, please visit the Course Catalog section of our website.