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Earn a Degree that Empowers with a Major in Communication and Media

From marketing a new business idea to grassroots social movements, a well-crafted message can make a big impact. And who is behind those messages? Writers, producers and other communication specialists who understand strategic messaging-and can put it to use to serve a larger purpose.

In Carlow's BA in Communication and Media program-part of the Communication Department within the College of Leadership & Social Change-students learn to create and critique messages while developing skills for written, oral and digital communication. You'll gain knowledge and experience for marketing, social media, public relations and other communication specialties.

Communication and Media Major Highlights

The Communication and Media program is set apart by its emphasis on advocacy and social justice. These complex topics are woven into track-specific coursework as well as extracurricular opportunities, allowing students to:

  • Better understand and effectively discuss issues of gender, race,  and/or class
  • Employ strategic communication to advocate for marginalized groups
  • Learn from award-winning faculty who are leaders in their field
  • Join a club or activity focused on communication, like our student-produced newspaper or sports-focused radio program

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Career Opportunities in Media and Communication

Carlow's BA in Communication and Media students have secured dynamic internship and employment opportunities in a wide range of work environments. From private business enterprises to government agencies or nonprofit organizations, the possibilities are endless in this in-demand field.

Potential career fields

With a communication degree, you could move into job roles within:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Local media outlets
  • Sports media outlets
  • Fundraising and philanthropy

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What You'll Learn

In this program, you'll complete undergraduate general education requirements, which we refer to as the Carlow Compass. This curriculum allows you to design, navigate and explore your own field of study while establishing a knowledge base for career-readiness and ethical leadership.

Core Communication and Media Courses

Major-specific courses within the BA in Media and Communication program emphasize excellent written, oral, and digital communication skills while providing a strong foundation in communication knowledge, strategies, and ethics. Examples of core courses include:

  • Mass Media and Society
  • Writing for Media
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Communication Ethics

Communication and Media Elective Courses

The Communication and Media major also gives students the opportunity to pursue elective courses that interest them. Examples of electives include:

CM 180 (EN 180): Journalism Practicum

In this course, you'll practice newswriting, editing, and crafting journalistic pieces for the student newspaper. And, you'll gain hands-on experience in all aspects of production of a student newspaper, including design, layout, and editorial practices.

CM 325: Communication and Social Movements

This course examines historical and contemporary social movements using political, sociological, and communication approaches to explain social movement activity. You'll be exposed to a range of theoretical tools, perspectives, vocabularies, and concepts, and then, using case studies, will explore how those concepts manifest in specific movements, such as the women's rights, civil rights, anti-war, and environmental movements.

CM 350I (SW 350I): Gender, Race, and Class: Media and Social Change

Taught in a team format due to its interdisciplinary topic (integrating perspectives from communication and social work), this course offers an analysis of the role the mass media play in developing, sustaining, and challenging stereotypes. You'll explore the impact that media stereotypes have on public policy decisions as they affect groups based on gender, race, and social class.

 Note: This is just a small sample of the variety of classes you'll be taking. for more details about these classes and more, review the Course Catalog


Ways to Get Involved

At Carlow, learning doesn't just happen inside the classroom. Many students involved in majoring in communication also choose to participate in extracurricular opportunities. Here, you can hone your skills by writing for the Carlow Chronicle (our student newspaper) or by helping to produce Sports Talk (our sports webcast). 

Many students are also inspired by the social justice mission, and explore opportunities like the Youth Media Advocacy Project (YMAP). Through this program, students develop their knowledge and skills while teaching inner city high school students how to use media to advocate for causes they care about. 

How to Apply

First-year students looking to major in communication and media must first submit the following materials for application. You can do so when you apply for free online:

  • A completed application form
  • Official high school transcripts (ask your guidance counselor to forward this to Carlow's Admissions Office)
  • SAT or ACT test scores (if applicable)
  • Personal essay and/or recommendation from your secondary school principal, teacher, or guidance counselor. These are optional, but in some instances may be required.

Have questions or want more details? See how to apply for first-year students, transfer students, or adult degree completers.

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