Communication Minor at Carlow University

Students from a wide variety of majors, whether in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities, choose to minor in Communication and in Media because of the focus on knowledge and skills that all employers want - excellent written, oral, and digital communication, interpersonal communication, leadership and team-building.

Minor in Communication:

The Communication minor focuses on building and maintaining relationships across diverse groups and cultures. This minor may appeal to you if you are interested in counseling, health professions, psychology, or other fields where interpersonal communication skills are essential. Business students also find a minor in Communication extremely helpful in enhancing their interpersonal skills and their career readiness. The Communication minor can be customized to compliment your academic and career needs.

The minor requires a total of 18 credits:

  • CM 120 Interpersonal Comm
  • CM 210 Persuasion
  • Four CM courses chosen in consultation with your academic advisor. 

All 18 credits must be completed with a minimum grade of C

At least 6 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher

At least 9 credits must be completed in-residence at Carlow


Minor in Digital Storytelling:

Undergraduate students from all majors can add a minor in Digital Storytelling to learn how to tell engaging stories within the multimedia landscape.  Students will develop an understanding of journalistic and documentary approaches to storytelling; practice skills in interviewing, writing, research, collaboration and creative thinking; and learn the basics of visual and audio media production.

Digital Storytelling students will create videos, podcasts, blogs, feature stories or other digital content on topics that they are passionate about.  At Carlow, we especially encourage narratives about marginalized groups or individuals, who are often overlooked by mainstream media. 

The minor requires a total of 18 credits:

  • CM 104 Introduction to Media & Society
  • CM/EN 260 Writing for Media
  • AR/CM/EN 307 Media Criticism
  • CM/EN 360 Digital Storytelling
  • Two courses in media production taken with another education partner (courses and location must be approved by your minor advisor).

All 18 credits must be completed with a grade of C or higher to earn the minor degree.

Communication and Media majors and Corporate Communication majors can overlap a maximum of three (3) courses (9 credits) with major requirements to fulfill the Digital Storytelling minor.