View from Inside Soldiers and Sailors Hall



DATE: Saturday, May 9, 2020
TIME: 12:45 pm 
LOCATION: Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Oakland


11:00 am, Doors Open
12:15 pm, Graduates line-up  
12:45 pm, Procession begins

When you arrive at the hall, volunteers and signs will direct you to the lining up areas:

  1. Stop at the check in table, and pick up a card with your name and a number on it. This card will also indicate if you are receiving honors (undergrads only).
  2. Get in line based on the number on your card. Volunteers will be there to assist you. If you leave the line to go to the restroom, you must return to the line by 12:30 pm.


The University asks that you and your guests please show proper respect for the Ceremony by adhering to the following: 

  • Remain quiet and dignified during the ceremony. Shouting between balcony guests and floor candidates is disrespectful and disruptive.
  • Cell phones/pagers should be turned off during the entire ceremony.
  • Guests who want to take photographs and videotapes should not disrupt the procession or stand in the aisle.
  • Bottles, cups or cans will not be allowed in the processional or into the auditorium.
  • Those with alcoholic beverages are subject to removal from the procession and ceremony.
  • Candidates are expected to remain in their seats and stay for the entire ceremony.
  • No camera tripods.
  • No helium balloons.
  • At the Presentation of Degrees, so that each graduate's name may be heard, please ask your guests celebrate in a dignified way when your name is read.
  • The ceremony is expected to last about two hours. All graduates are to remain in their position throughout the event.


Graduates should leave their personal belongings with a friend or family member. The University is not responsible for items left in the lining up area.


Graduates are expected to arrive one hour before the ceremony. Those graduates who arrive late will be seated after the invocation, at the end of the graduates’ seating area. Guests who arrive late will not be allowed into the auditorium until after the invocation.


Family members are welcome to take pictures and video; however, the aisles of the auditorium must remain clear and guests are expected to act with decorum while taking pictures. Guests should not stand in the aisles or otherwise get in the way of the processional, recessional or any part of the ceremony.

A professional photographer will be present to take your photograph. Ordering information will be available within a week of the ceremony. Please review our "Photographer's Tips for a Great Photo" guide.