College while you are in high school

Earn College Credit While Still in High School

Carlow offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit through our College in High School (CHS) program. If you are interested in participating in the CHS program, please contact your high school's guidance counselor or liaison (teacher), and have him/her contact Jo Danhires in Carlow's Office of Admissions at 412.578.6059 or for more information.

We offer several options for earning college credits through our program: 

1. Courses offered at high schools, and taught by high school personnel, which have been approved by Carlow as equivalent to Carlow courses or electives. This option would require the high school to allow a Carlow faculty and/or staff member to visit the class one time at the high school as a guest speaker, and/or schedule one visit to Carlow's campus for a guest lecture or experiential exercise.

2.* Courses co-taught in some manner by high school faculty and Carlow faculty, either at the high school or via a combination of teaching/experiential learning at the high school and at Carlow. Most often, this arrangement would take the form of having a Carlow faculty member teach or co-teach one to three lectures at the high school, and/or offer at least one lecture or experiential exercise on Carlow's campus.

3. Courses offered at high schools, and taught by Carlow faculty, at a content level approved as equivalent to the college level. This option is generally reserved for situations where a grant or other funding will provide Carlow faculty release time.

4.* Courses offered at Carlow which are open to high school students for credit (generally at the 100 or 200 level). In order to be approved to attend a class at Carlow University, high school students need to have a cumulative 3.0 GPA, following a college preparatory track.

For more questions, and information about College in High School (CHS) at Carlow, please call the CHS program coordinator in the Office of Admissions at 412.578.6059, or via email

*Options 2 and 4 above are preferred and more likely to be approved. We generally recommend that the course agreement and approval process is completed by February 1 for the academic year starting the following fall.