Study Abroad: Rome.

The American University of Rome (AUR) is committed to excellence in education and the promotion of cross-cultural exchange. AUR is dedicated to encouraging academic achievement in its students and offers a curriculum designed to complement our high academic standards and ensure an active-learning environment with small student:faculty ratio.

Founded in 1969, AUR is the oldest degree-granting American University in Rome. AUR is a coeducational, accredited university which offers undergraduate degrees in eight disciplines and enrolls around 500 students. Courses are taught by accredited faculty and students can earn up to 15 credits.


Overlooking the historical center, the university is located on top of the Janiculum, Rome’s highest hill. With its own garden of Roman pines it offers a spectacular view of Rome and the surrounding hills. The campus is near two city parks, Villa Sciarra and Villa Pamphili and historical landmarks. The area also hosts diplomatic residences and several international academies.

The university is an urban campus and the compound is composed of 5 nearby buildings. The main campus is formed of two buildings, an auditorium and a spacious garden. Building A hosts administrative and faculty offices, student services and the main computer lab while building B has the bulk of the classrooms, laboratories and faculty offices. Evans’ Hall, a liberty villa of 1920, is the site of the library, student lounges and a beautiful outside garden. Carini 23, a five-story building of the ‘70s designed by a famous Italian Architect (Paolo Portoghesi) is the location of design studios, faculty offices, and the Batista Multimedia Laboratory, a state of the art lab for film production.

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Coursework is taught in English in a variety of subjects, including art history, archaeology, fine arts, business, communication, English, economics, history, international affairs, Italian, management, marketing, political science and sociology.

These courses can be approved for a major, minor, Compass breadth/depth requirement, or elective credits.

  • Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester
  • Tuition and Fees - Carlow Traditional Undergraduate Tuition
  • Housing - $4,500 (approximately)
  • International Health Insurance - $200.00
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Center for Global Learning
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