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Hands-on, real-world experiential learning

Engage in valuable learning experiences

Available to all Carlow University students, graduate and undergraduate, the Center for Experiential Learning provides opportunities that complement classroom learning with hands-on, real-world experiences that prepare students to continue their success in the workplace, graduate studies, and in their communities.

Six opportunities to integrate experience into your education

Internships/professional experiences
Gain career-related experience through participation in planned, supervised work with an emphasis on professional development and job performance assessments.

Study abroad
Expand global perspective and experience with study abroad opportunities in locations all around the world. Students can study abroad for an entire academic year, one semester, several weeks or over spring break.

Pursue a creative portfolio or conduct critical scientific research through reflective observation and a written or oral presentation.

Honors program
Enhance personal and professional success through rigorous academic training, cultural and social programs, and thought-provoking projects

Service learning
Address and reflect human and community needs through structured opportunities.

Develop effective leadership skills learned in the classroom like team-building and collaboration through on campus and off campus opportunities.

Why experiential learning?

Current research into the benefits of experiential learning indicates that students who have well-structured and learning-focused experiences are more successful, earning higher grades and persisting to graduation.

Other studies have shown that graduates who develop skills and knowledge through experiential learning are considered better prepared by employers and supervisors.

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David Gallaher, Ph.D.
Faculty Coordinator, Center for Experiential Learning

Beth Zamboni, Ph.D.
Director, Carlow Honors Program
Coordinator, Undergraduate Research