Katie Crawford, Graphic Designer

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

Learn graphic design and pursue a creative career

In today's ever-changing world, technical proficiency alone is rarely enough for success. Combine the strength of a diverse liberal arts framework and graphic design education with a strong foundation in art. Students in the graphic art program go beyond mere graphic design proficiency to a well-rounded education. The curriculum provides students with strong foundational skills and opportunities for in-depth exploration into graphic design. 

Relevant graphic design and business courses

Expand your design knowledge with courses in typography, design analysis and advertising. Courses are structured to promote and instill critical and creative thinking skills, personal vision, and literacy in the visual language. Course information can be found in our catalog.

Creative positions exist in almost any business

Graduates have held positions at school districts, art guilds, digital agencies and county offices.  Careers can range from professional graphic designers to professional exhibiting artists.