Justin Mazzei, BA in Art Education

It's not easy to make a living as an artist. Many of the artists who have walked through Carlow's doors took up Art Education as a natural extension of what they wanted to do in life. It's a chance to develop your artistic voice while preparing for a great career teaching others. 

The BA in Art Education is especially attractive for artists who feel fulfilled in their art but need something more. Are you an artist who wants to share what you've learned? Do you long to mentor young artists? Did you learn things as an artist that you wish you knew when you were younger? The next generation of artists needs the wisdom of those who came before just as much as they need studio time or art history classes. With a bachelor's degree in art education from Carlow, you can give them all of those things and so much more. 

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Art teachers are prepared to teach children from kindergarten through grade 12. Students major in art complete a professional sequence in art education. 

Art with art education certification is a professional program offered in conjunction with the Education Department. It requires a minimum of 44 credits in art and a series of required courses in education and art education. Upon successful completion of the program, the student may receive certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a teacher of art, grades 
K through 12. 


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL CERTIFICATION STUDENTS: At the end sophomore year, students must officially apply to the Education Department through their advisor and attend a candidacy review meeting. In order to apply, students must have 48 credits, have at least a 3.0 GPA; successfully passed SKW 101, SKQ 101, a math course, and a literature course; AND students must also pass the PAPA (Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment) or the CORE Basic Skills Tests in reading, writing, and math. 

For prospective students from Slippery Rock University, they will meet with Carlow's Director of Student Teaching and Field Placement and Ms. June Edwards of Slippery Rock for a candidacy review to ensure they are on track for student teaching and certification at Carlow after graduation.


•  Score a 4 or higher on both PDE 430 evaluation forms

•  Pass the PRAXIS art content knowledge exam

•  Apply for certification at the following website:

TIMS Website:   http://www.education.pa.gov/Teachers%20-%20Administrators/Certifications/Pages/default.aspx#.VwKzUfkrK72



Bachelors of Arts in Art Education Course Information

Course Requirements: 42 credits
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Locations: Main Oakland Campus



Sequential and systematic exposure and training in age appropriate methods, materials, and techniques for elementary art programs. Students gain theoretical knowledge in art education theory, developmental stages of artistic growth, and in the structuring and maintenance of a comprehensive elementary art program. Field placement required.


Eight weeks of full-time teaching in an elementary (K–6) art room and eight weeks in a secondary (7–12) art room under the direct supervision of the cooperating teacher and university supervisors. Verification of competence will be determined jointly by the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor. The seminar will include the development of topics particularly pertinent to this experience: school law, professional organizations, evaluation, school-based relationships, strategies for teaching, classroom management, development of assessment strategies, and preparation for employment. (12 credits)

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