Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

The art history concentration is unique: it is a studio-based program which gives you experience in the role of creator while also gives you a comprehensive survey of art throughout history. Ideal as an introduction to a career in art in both theory and practice, the major is worked out with the help of your advisor. Career options include graduate work (master’s and doctoral levels) in art history, museum work, conservation and preservation, and arts administration.


Where Our Graduates Go


Recent Carlow graduates who have majored in art have interned or accepted full-time positions in such places as:

  • North Hills School District
  • Duquesne City School District
  • Montour School District
  • Brunner
  • Manchester Craftsman's Guild
  • Allegheny Department of Human Services
  • 3E Trading

The art major requires 51 credits in courses in art and art history. It provides a strong foundation in art history, and in studio art: design, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, computer art, and sculpture. Electives and directed study in a variety of media include fiber arts, ceramics, and mixed media. Senior Project, an individual project and study course, is required for all majors, a senior exhibition opportunity is open to all seniors.

Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in Art History

Course Requirements: 51 credits
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Locations: Main Oakland Campus



You will be introduced to the major themes in the art and culture of the United States from the colonial period to the 20th century. Special attention is given to the issues of race, class, and gender as they relate to art production, art reception, and the articulation of “national identity” in the visual culture of the United States


This course presents a thematic and global approach to the history of art. Explore a range of topics or themes from a global perspective. Some of the topics may include: war, love, the human body, family, portraits, god(s). Examine how artists from around the world explore these themes and how these artworks tell stories universal themes from diverse perspectives.

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