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Undergraduate students in the following majors are invited to apply to Carlow's Master of Science in Professional Counseling program prior to graduation:

Juniors and Seniors admitted to this program would be permitted to take up to twelve credits while they are still undergraduate students.

This opportunity can save students time and money. This option is ideal for students aspiring to get a master's degree in professional counseling, but can also be helpful for students interested in other graduate programs. Doing well in this accelerated program shows your graduate-school readiness for other programs. To stay in the program, students will need to maintain a 3.0 average.


Formal admission to the program begins your Junior year. In order to begin MPC courses you must:

  • Major in Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Art Therapy, or Criminal Justice
  • Have Junior or Senior status
  • Achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 while at Carlow
  • Meet Carlow residency requirements(completed 9 credits of psychology at Carlow and 15 Carlow credits overall)
  • Achieve a minimum grade of B in the MPC courses to continue in the program

The courses offered in the Accelerated program have been pre-selected as optimal for undergraduate students. To be given graduate credit, all graduate courses must be passed with a B- or above. These twelve credits will also be counted toward the 120 credits needed for the undergraduate degree and be concurrently posted on the graduate transcript. Graduate courses will count for graduate credit only if the student earns a B- or higher; graduate courses will count for undergraduate credit even if the student earns a C+ through D-.


This includes the following courses:

  • PRC 701: Human Growth and Lifespan Development
  • PRC 705: Helping Relationship
  • PRC 710: Counseling Theories
  • PRC 702: Social & Cultural Foundations
  • PRC 711: Diagnosis in Counseling (prior name: Abnormal Psychology)
  • PRC 738: Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling*

*Must take PRC 711 and pass with a "B" in order to take PRC 738

Three undergraduate psychology courses serve as prerequisites for specific MPC courses under the Accelerated MPC curriculum:

  • PY 203 Personality Theory to take PRC 710 or PRC 705
  • PY 122 Lifespan Development to take PRC 701 or PRC 711
  • PY 285 Introduction to Counseling or SW 302 Social Work with Individuals to take PRC 705 or PRC 710
Additional qualities that are not required but will elevate the likelihood of acceptance to the program include:
  • Work experience in psychology, social work via employment, internships, or practica.
  • Research experience.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Strong performance in undergraduate psychology coursework (3.3 or better).
  • Strong letters of recommendations.
  • Membership in Psi Chi
Final and full admission to the MPC may be granted upon completion of the undergraduate degree from Carlow.

To apply to the Accelerated Master of Science in Professional Counseling Program, students should complete an application here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TWFRMT2