DateDay & Day Grad FormatCAP & CAP Grad Format, Weekend Classes (WEC)
AUGUST 2019  
Aug 12     MFF Starts 
Aug 228am - Residence Halls open to new students 
Aug 23-25 WEC begins
Aug 24     MFF Virtual Residency
8am - Residence Halls open to
returning students 
Aug 26Day classes and DAY format GRAD BeginsCAP I and CAP format GRAD begin
Sep 2Labor Day - no classesLabor Day - no classes
Sep 3Mercy School of Nursing begins     
Sep 6-8 WEC
Sep 20-22 WEC
Sep 23Academic Convocation & Carlow DayAcademic Convocation & Carlow Day
Sep 27Mercy Service DayMercy Service Day
OCTOBER 2019  
Oct 4-6 WEC
Oct 14-15Fall Break for DAY format classesCAP I and CAP format GRAD classes in session
Oct 18     CAP I and CAP format GRAD ends
Oct 18-20     WEC 
Oct 21     CAP II begins
Nov 1-3 WEC
Nov 15-17 WEC
Nov 22-24 WEC
Nov 279am - Residence Halls close for Thanksgiving break 
Nov 27-29Thanksgiving Break - no classesThanksgiving Break - no classes
Dec 18am - Residence Halls reopen  
Dec 6Last Day of Classes 
Dec 9-13Finals Week
MFF ends
Dec 13 CAP II and CAP format GRAD ends
Dec 149am - Residence Halls close for winter break 
Dec 20Mercy School of Nursing ends 
JANUARY 2020  
Jan 6MFF Starts 
Jan 118am - Residence Halls reopen 
Jan 13DAY classes begin, DAY format GRAD begins
Mercy School of Nursing starts
CAP III and CAP format GRAD begins
Jan 17-19 WEC begins
Jan 20Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no classesMartin Luther King Jr. Day - no classes
Jan 31-Feb 2 WEC
Feb 14-16 WEC
Feb 28-Mar 1 WEC
MARCH 2020  
Mar 6 CAP III and CAP format GRAD ends
Mar 6-8 WEC
Mar 79am - Residence Halls close for spring break 
Mar 9-13Spring Break 
Mar 158am - Residence Halls reopen 
Mar 16 CAP IV and CAP format GRAD begins
Mar 20-22 WEC
APRIL 2020  
Apr 3-5 WEC
Apr 9-10Holy Thursday & Good Friday - no classesHoly Thursday & Good Friday - no CAP IV & CAP format GRAD classes
Apr 13No DAY, DAY format GRAD classesCAP IV and CAP format GRAD in session
Apr 16Scholar's Day (tentative)Graduate Scholar's Day (tentative)
Apr 17-19MFF ends (Apr 17)WEC
Apr 20     MFF starts 
MAY 2020  
May 1Last day of classes
Mercy School of Nursing ends
May 4Finals Week starts 
May 4-8Finals Week CAP IV and CAP format GRAD ends
May 8Honors Convocation 
May 99am - Residence Halls close 
May 9Commencement 
May 11Mercy School of Nursing starts 
May 18DAY classes and DAY format GRAD classes beginCAP V begins
May 25Memorial Day - no classesMemorial Day - no classes
JULY 2020  
July 10DAY classes and DAY format GRAD classes endCAP V ends
July 14 CAP VI begins
July 31MFF ends (fall cohort) 
AUGUST 2020  
Aug 6 CAP VI ends
Aug 14Mercy School of Nursing ends