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DateDay & Day Grad FormatCAP & CAP Grad Format, Weekend Classes (WEC)
AUGUST 2019  
Aug 12     MFF Starts 
Aug 228am - Residence Halls open to new students 
Aug 23-25 WEC begins
Aug 24     MFF Virtual Residency
8am - Residence Halls open to
returning students 
Aug 26Day classes and DAY format GRAD BeginsCAP I and CAP format GRAD begin
Sep 2Labor Day - no classesLabor Day - no classes
Sep 3Mercy School of Nursing begins     
Sep 6-8 WEC
Sep 20-22 WEC
Sep 23Academic Convocation & Carlow DayAcademic Convocation & Carlow Day
Sep 27Mercy Service DayMercy Service Day
OCTOBER 2019  
Oct 4-6 WEC
Oct 14-15Fall Break for DAY format classesCAP I and CAP format GRAD classes in session
Oct 18     CAP I and CAP format GRAD ends
Oct 18-20     WEC 
Oct 21     CAP II begins
Nov 1-3 WEC
Nov 15-17 WEC
Nov 22-24 WEC
Nov 279am - Residence Halls close for Thanksgiving break 
Nov 27-29Thanksgiving Break - no classesThanksgiving Break - no classes
Dec 18am - Residence Halls reopen  
Dec 6Last Day of Classes 
Dec 9-13Finals Week
MFF ends
Dec 13 CAP II and CAP format GRAD ends
Dec 149am - Residence Halls close for winter break 
Dec 20Mercy School of Nursing ends 
JANUARY 2020  
Jan 6MFF Starts 
Jan 118am - Residence Halls reopen 
Jan 13DAY classes begin, DAY format GRAD begins
Mercy School of Nursing starts
CAP III and CAP format GRAD begins
Jan 17-19 WEC begins
Jan 20Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no classesMartin Luther King Jr. Day - no classes
Jan 31-Feb 2 WEC
Feb 14-16 WEC
Feb 28-Mar 1 WEC
MARCH 2020  
Mar 6 CAP III and CAP format GRAD ends
Mar 6-8 WEC
Mar 79am - Residence Halls close for spring break 
Mar 9-13Spring Break 
Mar 158am - Residence Halls reopen 
Mar 16 CAP IV and CAP format GRAD begins
Mar 20-22 WEC
APRIL 2020  
Apr 3-5 WEC
Apr 9-10Holy Thursday & Good Friday - no classesHoly Thursday & Good Friday - no CAP IV & CAP format GRAD classes
Apr 13No DAY, DAY format GRAD classesCAP IV and CAP format GRAD in session
Apr 17-19MFF ends (Apr 17)WEC
Apr 20     MFF starts 
Apr 23     Carlow Scholar's Day (Undergraduate)Carlow Scholar's Day (Graduate)
MAY 2020  
May 1Last day of classes
Mercy School of Nursing ends
May 4Finals Week starts 
May 4-8Finals Week CAP IV and CAP format GRAD ends
May 8Honors Convocation 
May 99am - Residence Halls close 
May 9Commencement 
May 11Mercy School of Nursing starts 
May 18DAY classes and DAY format GRAD classes beginCAP V begins
May 25Memorial Day - no classesMemorial Day - no classes
JULY 2020  
July 10DAY classes and DAY format GRAD classes endCAP V ends
July 14 CAP VI begins
July 31MFF ends (fall cohort) 
AUGUST 2020  
Aug 6 CAP VI ends
Aug 14Mercy School of Nursing ends