Advising Students
Every student is assigned an academic advisor to assist with educational planning. If you have declared a major, you will be assigned to a faculty person in your major. If you're still deciding on a major, you'll be assigned to a professional advisor. The professional advisor is specially trained to assist you with major/career decisions.

As a Carlow student, you will be responsible for making contact and keeping in touch with your advisor. You are encouraged to discuss concerns and questions with your advisors.

Advisors are able to answer questions about classes and schedules as well as university and school policies. They have resource information such as curriculum guides, course catalogs and student handbooks, and are able to help you understand the policies and procedures of the university.

Your advisor will help you with scheduling each semester, monitor your academic progress, and can be a resource for questions about majors and different careers, as well as help guide you to other university resources like tutoring, counseling, etc. They're here to help you!