Curriculum Vitae

D. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction 
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation: Students’, Teachers’, and Families’ Perspectives on Emotions Related to Reading Difficulties Experienced
by Young Children Enrolled in Title I  

M. Ed. Early Childhood Education  
May 1997
Carlow College Pittsburgh, PA
Thesis: Multiple Intelligence Curriculum  

B.S. Elementary Education/Special Education  
June 1993
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA  
Presidential Scholarship, 1992-1993   


Elementary Education PA Certification
Special Education PA Certification
Early Childhood Education PA Certification Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS) Certification Quality Matters Reviewer Certification


University Work Experience  


Carlow University, Director Early Childhood Program   

April 2015 – Awarded Tenure/Promoted to Associate Professor
August 2014 - presentAugust 2010 – Present

Courses Created
EC 401SL Professional Communities of Practice – Service Learning (onsite/online) EC 325 Primary Practicum
EC 200 Child Development
EC 205 Advanced Child Development Studies
Courses Co-Created
HPL 700 Foundations of HPL (Brain and Digital Modules) HPL 720 Cognition and Brain-Based Learning

Courses Redesigned
EC 311 Infant/Toddler Programming and Practicum (Hybrid) EC 303 Math for the Developing Child
EC 307 Early Childhood Curriculum and Practicum
ED 305 Integrating the Arts
ED 729 Aesthetics and Learning
ED 721 Curriculum & Instruction in ECE
ED 703 Logical and Mathematical Thinking in Young Children

Courses Redesigned from onsite to online
EC 318 Early Communication and Reading Development (online) ED 718 Communication and Reading Development (online)
Courses Taught
EC 203 Child Development
Student Supervision Courses
EC 406 Primary Student Teaching
EC 407 Pre-Primary Student Teaching ED 716 Student Teaching in Pre-Primary ED 717 Student Teaching in Primary

CREATE Lab Education Faculty Representative
Received training and integrates the following CREATE lab technologies into courses in the early childhood program: Arts & Bots, Children’s Innovation Project, Finch, and Hummingbird

Service Work
Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) Partnership
Fall 2013 to present
Collaborate with the liaison for ECYEH to bring early childhood education service learning experiences with homeless shelters serving young children in Allegheny County; collaboration on a yearly community fair event where families are invited to an impoverished community
location for a play fair and to connect families with much needed services; and organizer of yearly toy drive for homeless children living in the shelters.

STEM Liaison
Fall 2015 - present
Volunteer and facilitate STEM experiences in schools looking for ways to integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into their early childhood programs and for early childhood parent programs

Curriculum Coordinator/Multiple Intelligence Implementation Specialist (Volunteer) 2007 – 2008 School Year
K-8th grades
Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox School
123 Gilkeson Road Pgh PA 15228 412 851 7279
Parent Mentor and Professional Development Angel’s Place
2002 - 2003

California University of Pennsylvania, Adjunct Faculty  
January 2009 – present
EC 302 Emerging Literacy ED 307 Professional Seminar Internship Supervision

Carlow University, Adjunct Faculty  
Fall 2003 – Spring 2010
EC 307 Early Childhood Curriculum ED721 Child, Family, Culture  

University of Pittsburgh, Adjunct Faculty  
August 2007 – present
(ADP+ Grad Program) Psychology of Learning and Development  
(I & L Undergrad) Nature of Young Children (ADP+) Professional Seminar   

Community College of Allegheny County/South Campus, Adjunct Faculty  
Spr 98 - Spr 99
PED111 Understanding Child's Play PED105 Latency Development  

Committee Work  
Academic Computing Committee, Carlow University 2011 – present Early Childhood Faculty Search Committee, Carlow University 2012 - 2013 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Carlow University 2012 - present   

Related Professional Experience  
Early Childhood and Elementary School Consultant, PQAS Certified  
January 2000 - present
Workshop trainer and consultant to early childhood centers and elementary schools in the catholic diocese of Pittsburgh (Specializing in curriculum development, multiple intelligence theory, play, and developmentally appropriate practice.)  


Dr. Rae Ann Hirsh directs the early childhood program at Carlow University. She teaches play, curriculum, technology, practicum, service learning, and methods courses. She leads the CREATE lab satellite work of the university. In the 2016-17 AY, she was awarded the Carlow Woman of Spirit award for her work connecting students with families experiencing homeless. She was also awarded Carlow’s Digital Learning Award for her creative use of technology in the classroom. She was a past recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award. Before academia, Dr. Hirsh taught in early childhood centers, kindergarten, elementary schools, as a learning support teacher, and is a PQAS trainer. Her research interests include curriculum, emotions, neuroscience, and educational technology. 

Dr. Hirsh believes that teaching young children is the most important work one can engage in. Teachers are agents of change who are needed to instill values of humanity, compassion, empathy and love of learning in each child they have the privilege to teach. High quality, compassionate teachers can change the world!



Dissertation: Emotional Responses to the Reading Difficulties Experienced by Young Children Enrolled in Title I: A Qualitative Study of Students’, Teachers’, and Families’ Perspectives.


Hirsh, R. (2004) Early childhood curriculum: Incorporating multiple intelligences, developmentally appropriate practice, and play. New York: Allyn & Bacon.

Chapter in Edited Books

Hirsh, R. (2013). Early literacy trends for children identified as at risk for school
failure: Are they consistent with contemporary neuroscience and learning theory? In L. Wasserman & D. Zambo (Ed.), Early Childhood and Neuroscience – Links to Development and Learning. (pp. 105-120). New York, NY: Springer.

Jalongo, M. R. & Hirsh, R. (2012). Reconceptualizing creative thought processes
in young children: An integrative review of the research. In O. Saracho (Ed.), Contemporary Perspectives on Research in Creativity in Early Childhood Education. (pp.89-108). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
Articles (peer reviewed)

Jalongo, M. & Hirsh, R. (2010). Understanding reading anxiety: New insights
from neuroscience. Early Childhood Education Journal, 37, 431-435. DOI

Hirsh, R. (2010). Creativity: Cultural capital in the mathematics classroom.
Creative Education, 1(3). 154-161. doi: 10.4236/ce.2010.13024 Hirsh, R. (2000). The Impatient Gardener. Young Children

Hirsh, R. (Ed). (2008). Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox School Curriculum for K – 8th Grade
Encyclopedia Entries

Hirsh, R. (2012). Creativity: Cultural capital in the mathematics. Encyclopedia on Creativity, Invention, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship. Online