Curriculum Vitae

M.S.W. Social Work, University of Pittsburgh.
Community Organizing and Social Administration Focus.
M.P.A. Public Administration, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh.
Public and Non-Profit Management Focus.
B.A. Sociology, The Pennsylvania State University.  (With High Honors)
Minor in Eastern Religious Studies.  
Honors Thesis in Human Geography.  
Carlow University 
Assistant Professor, School for Social Change, Social Work Department     2014 - present
Instructor, School for Social Change, Social Work Department                     2008 - 2014
Coordinator, Service-Learning Program                 2008 - present
Co-Director, Honors Program                                                                           2011 - present
University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2008
Part-time Faculty Member, Social Work Department

Carlow University
SW 104 SL:  Introduction to Social Work
Fall 2009/Fall 2010/Fall 2011/Fall 2012/Spring 2013
SW 270:  Cultural Awareness and Human Services
Fall/Spring 2009; Fall 2011/Spring 2012/Fall 2012
POL 287:  Introduction to Public Policy
Spring 2011
FYE:  First-Year Experience
Fall 2009/Fall 2010 
IS 350 SL:  Special Topics in Service-Learning:  Community Innovation 
Through Networking (Social Work and Business Management)            Spring 2011/Spring 2013
IS 368 H:  Junior Senior Honors Colloquium:  Human Dignity
(Social Work, Communication, Nursing)Spring 2011
IS 350 SL:  Special Topics in Service-Learning:  Contemplation in Action
(Social Work and Theology)Spring 2010
University of Pittsburgh
SOCWRK 1058/ SWWEL 2051:  Economics and Social Work                         Spring 2008
Amizade Global Service-Learning Center2002 - 2006
via University of Pittsburgh & West Virginia University
Service-Learning Facilitator/Co-Instructor
The following courses were taught in conjunction with a discipline-based course; travelled abroad with students for 2- 4 weeks per course; developed the global service-learning course syllabus template for a variety of international service-learning courses abroad

Global Service-Learning in Bolivia Summer 2006
Global Service-Learning in Tanzania Summer 2004
Global Service-Learning in Northern Ireland Spring 2003 and 2004
Global Service-Learning in Jamaica    Twice in Summer 2003
Global Service-Learning in the Navajo Nation Summer 2002
The Pennsylvania State University - Teaching Assistant
Religious Movements Sociology Seminar Spring 2001
Introduction to Sociology Spring 1997

Co-Director, Honors Program, Carlow University 2011- present 
Advise Honors students; developed student-led Leadership Council
Develop Honors program structure, course offerings and co-curricular activities
Conduct strategic planning for re-envisioning of Honors Program

Coordinator, Service-Learning and Outreach Center, Carlow University 2008 – present
Support faculty service-learning course design and engaged scholarship
Promote service-learning via website, presentations and advising
Grant-writing:  Co-wrote grant for Mercy Center for Service ($364,000 over 3 years); wrote grant for service-learning course development and research ($4,000); wrote grant to establish Undergraduate Research Fellow program for first-generation college students ($1,500)
Collaborate with community partner agencies and local networks for service-learning
Managed $20,000 budget
Supervised Assistant Coordinator and student service leaders 


MSW – University of Pittsburgh  
MPA – University of Pittsburgh    

Jessica Friedrichs is a faculty member in the Social Work Department of the School for Social Change.  She also serves as Coordinator of the Service-Learning Program and as Co-Director of the Honors Program.  She is passionate about teaching and regularly teaches Introduction to Social Work, Cultural Awareness for Human Services Professionals, Public Policy and other courses that engage issues of diversity and making societal change.  Many of her courses incorporate service-learning and her students have volunteered in areas such as tutoring youth to researching grant opportunities for local non-profit organizations.

She has also co-taught global service-learning courses in Bolivia, Tanzania, Northern Ireland, Jamaica and the Navajo Nation through the Amizade Global Service-Learning Center. Before joining the faculty at Carlow, she worked in the non-profit sector with local and global service-learning, the refugee population, in a community-based foundation and with a variety of AmeriCorps programs.  She has published in the journal Social Justice and presented many times at national, regional and local service-learning conferences.  With her colleagues at Carlow, she has developed an undergraduate research fellow program to connect students directly with faculty on research projects.    


Peer-Reviewed Publications
Under contract with Kumarian Press, an imprint of Stylus Publishing, LLC on a book provisionally entitled:  Building a Better World:  The Pedagogy and Practice of Ethical Global Service-Learning.  With co-authors Hartman, E., Kiely, R. and Boettcher, C.

Journal Article:
David O. Friedrichs and Jessica Friedrichs.  2008.  “The World Bank and Crimes of Globalization:  A Case Study.”  Pp. 91 -113, in Nick Larsen and Russell Smandych, Editors.  Global Criminology and Criminal Justice.  Petersborough, Ontario, Canada:  Broadview Press.  

David O. Friedrichs and Jessica Friedrichs.  2002.  “The World Bank and Crimes of Globalization:  A Case Study.”  SOCIAL JUSTICE 29: Nos 1-2.  

Book Chapter:
David O. Friedrichs and Jessica Friedrichs.  2008.  "Postmodern Theory.” Pp. 68-74, in Alex Thio, Thomas Calhoun and Addrain Conyers, Editors.  Deviant Behavior. Fifth Edition. Boston: Pearson.  
David O. Friedrichs and Jessica Friedrichs. 2001. “Postmodern Theory.” Pp. 74-80, in Alex Thio and Thomas Calhoun, Editors.  Readings on Deviant Behavior.  Second ed.  Needham, MA:  Allyn & Bacon.

Scholarly Writing
Service-Learning Instruction:
Christopher Boettcher , Jessica Friedrichs and Eric Hartman.  2003.   Global Service-Learning Instructional Guide.  Pittsburgh:  Amizade Global Service-Learning Center. 

Jessica Friedrichs.  2001.  “ACORN Community Organizing and Roots of Poverty:  A Post-Structural Examination.” Penn State University:  Unpublished.

Numerous articles in the Pennsylvania Service-Learning Alliance Newsletter and Pennsylvania Alliance for Character Education Newsletter “Keeping in PACE”.  2001-2002.

Edited Volume:
Viengchang, Mae Sompong.  2000.  Voices of the River:  One Thai Villager’s Story of the Pak Moon Dam.  Edited by:  Jessica Friedrichs, Sofia Olson, Kaia Peterson, and Lydia Shula.  [Khon Kaen:  CIEE]

Jessica Friedrichs.  2001.  “A Voice for the Unheard.”  INTERNATIONAL MOSAIC 5:  9.

Jessica Friedrichs.  2001.  “Boom-Boom-Boom.”  Kalliope 2001.  University Park, PA:  Penn State University. P. 22-23. 

Research Interests

Professional Interests: Global and local service-learning, cultural awareness/diversity education, non-profit management, and leadership development.

Investigating the impact of socioeconomic status of students on their service-learning course experiences as part of Engaged Scholars cohort at Carlow University. 2009 – present.