A Carlow University student smiling and writing in class


Students who meet the qualifications, below, may elect to apply for an expedited path to law school at either the University of Pittsburgh or Duquesne University Schools of Law, by participating in the 3/3 BA/JD program. 

Our 3/3 BA/JD program allows students to earn both a bachelor’s and a law degree in only six years!


To qualify for consideration as a 3/3 applicant, students must complete 90 credit hours of undergraduate work during their first three years at Carlow (including all Core Curriculum/Carlow Compass and major requirements); meet the University’s requirements for graduation; maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher; and score in the 60th percentile on the LSAT. 

Students meeting these requirements will have their applications reviewed by Carlow’s director of pre-law advising, for recommendation to the 3/3 program. Recommendations are based upon attainment of the above criteria and other indices of academic achievement and preparedness for law school.


Students who meet all requirements and gain admission to either the University of Pittsburgh or Duquesne University School of Law can begin law school during their fourth year of study at Carlow. 


Students who successfully complete their first year of law school, at either the University of Pittsburgh or Duquesne University (or first three semesters), receive their bachelor’s degree from Carlow. Upon completing all requirements for the JD degree, students will receive their law degree. 

Students may withdraw from the 3/3 program at any time and complete a traditional four-year course of study for the baccalaureate degree.