Set up for Success: Sanju Sigdel, BSN ’19

Nursing grad lauds ‘amazing faculty and advisors’ as instrumental in her success

Sanju Sigdel BSN '19

Sanju Sigdel BSN '19, a recent graduate of Carlow University's College of Health and Wellness, shares her experiences at Carlow and her future plans as a nurse.

  1. Why did you choose Carlow University to pursue a nursing degree?

I chose Carlow University because I valued the small class sizes. I also loved the location of Carlow and their mission statement. I believe Carlow not only makes for great nurses, but also helps to shape individuals into wonderful members of society.

  1. Explain how the small student to teacher ratio was advantageous to your education?

The small student teacher ratio played a major factor in my success. There were times when I needed extra help on my studies, and my professors went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my success. My professors were always treating me with utmost respect and were just as involved in my education as I was, which was a nice push when I needed it most.

  1. Could you briefly explain your experience of studying nursing at Carlow?

Carlow is such a close-knit community that prepares you for success. The nursing program and the university as a whole prepared me to be a nurse in many ways I did not think possible. Carlow offered peer tutors, which emphasized the importance our fellow classmates played in our success. We were encouraged to ask for help, and were truly provided with adequate resources to ensure our success.

  1. Was the program ever tough? If so, how did faculty support and position you for success?

The nursing program is difficult, and being a nurse is a privilege that must be earned and not given. You must be diligent, respectful, honest,compassionate and so much more to be a successful nurse. Although the program was tough and tested me mentally and physically, I had expected nothing less. When I was a junior, I was struggling with my OB class and did not think I was going to pass. Dr. Sullivan went above and beyond to help me succeed. She took so much time out of her busy schedule to meet with me weekly the rest of the semester. Another faculty member who played a major role in my success was Dr. Kelly. She was my academic advisor, and I worked for her through Carlow's work study program. She gave me advice and helped me in any way that she could. I am extremely grateful for that.

  1. You secured a full-time nursing position at Allegheny General Hospital prior to graduation. How did Carlow play a role in this?

Yes. I have accepted a position as a registered nurse on the same unit I was placed on to precept as a student nurse. Carlow gave me the opportunity to spend 120 hours on this unit that I very quickly began to love. A position opened up as I was finishing my practicum hours, and I jumped at the opportunity to further grow as a new nurse with such amazing colleagues. I can't wait to begin my career as a nurse this summer.

  1. Would you recommend Carlow's nursing program. And if so, why?

Yes, because the Carlow University Nursing Program prepares students to tackle the obstacles that nurses face in their day to day life. The amazing faculty and advisors help the students to do their optimal best and achieve their goals.

  1. What will you miss about Carlow?

I will miss doing work study in the nursing simulation lab with Dr. Curran and Dr. Kelly. They have helped me so much throughout nursing school, and I am glad I got the opportunity to work with them. I will also miss my friends. I have gained friendships throughout my four years here at Carlow that will last a lifetime.

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