Health Professions Week: Explore. Learn. Pursue.

A week-long exploration of health professions and the multitude of educational possibilities open to Carlow students.

Health Professions Week is an exciting, FREE week-long event for high school and college students interested in learning more about careers in the health professions. Health Professions Week will include an online treasure hunt, campus outreach events and two virtual fairs.

Health Professions Week will provide prospective students from across the country with multiple opportunities to explore 19 health professions so they can identify the best career pathways for them. Students will learn about the roles and responsibilities of each profession, talk with health care practitioners and receive information about the educational requirements for each career.

Monday, September 26th
Health Professions Week kicks off with the first of two free virtual fairs open to high school and undergraduate students, guidance counselors, teachers and advisors. The virtual booths will feature clinicians and educators from the 19 participating health professions who will chat live with participants. Use this opportunity to learn more about health care careers.

You only need to register once to attend either (or both) of the virtual fairs.

Click here to register.

Tuesday, September 27th
The second day of Health Professions Week will feature a “Go for the gold!” treasure hunt. Discover what various health care professionals do by visiting Health Professions Week websites. Find the virtual #HPWGold coin on each site and share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #HPWGold to be entered in a drawing to win great prizes. You can enter up to 19 times as you learn about each health profession. No registration is necessary, but register for the virtual fair to receive updates about the treasure hunt prizes.

Wednesday, September 28th
Visit a health professions community event on the 2nd floor of Carlow's University Commons on September 28. Share your experience by posting pictures of what you’ve learned on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and tag #HPW2016 to be entered into a drawing to win great prizes!

Thursday, September 29th
Take your knowledge and make it personal by interviewing a health professional. Whether you interview your own health care provider or find a health professional near you, use this opportunity to ask specific questions about what life is like in their chosen professions. Share a quote or “did you know” tip from someone you interviewed on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #HPW2016 to be entered into a drawing to win great prizes! You can enter up to 19 times, one for each health profession. No registration is necessary, but register for the virtual fairs to receive updates about the interview prizes.

Friday, September 30th
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time
What did you learn during Health Professions Week? Do you have more questions? Come back for a second Health Professions Week virtual fair to connect with live representatives from the 19 health professions. Talk about what you learned this week and let us answer your questions.

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