A Shot at First: A New Team, A New Program

Zachary Talley '19 feature

When Zachary Talley '18 was looking at schools, there was something special about the feel of Carlow University—the small class sizes, the terrific faculty-student ratio.

He was also attracted by a one-of-a-kind opportunity: to be the point/shooting guard of the university's first men's basketball team. He was thrilled to enroll and to join that inaugural team.

"It was a great learning experience to be able to play at a university as a freshman," says Talley.

This year, as a sophomore, Talley is part of another inaugural program at Carlow—the brand new Respiratory Care program. Talley has lived with asthma his entire life and has worked extensively with respiratory therapists. Today, he wants to be able to reach out to others in similar situations.

"I like interacting with and helping patients," he says.

He is looking forward to working in Carlow's new respiratory simulation lab, where he can virtually dissect a body utilizing a state-of-the-art Anatomage table.

He's also enjoying his second year on the basketball team—which, as he puts it, "plays together with even more chemistry, trust, and talent."

"The best way to describe it is that we became more than a team this year," he explains. "We've become more like brothers."


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