Sergeant Laird graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Police Academy in 2008. From there, he went on to work at several police departments and still currently works at two, part-time. He is a detective with the Armstrong County Narcotics Enforcement Team. 

Officer Laird became a deputy with the Armstrong County Sheriff’s Office and graduated the PA Deputy Sheriff’s Academy in 2013, and then he joined Carlow University in September 2015 and became a sergeant in November 2016. He is one of the CUPD Firearms Instructors, completed NTOA Basic SWAT, and is an NTOA Active Shooter/Active Threat Response Instructor, on top of many other certifications.

Trainings and Certifications


  • NRA Handgun/Shotgun Instructor Course
  • NRA Handgun/Shotgun Instructor Certification
  • ILEE Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Refresher
  • ILEE DUI Checkpoint Refresher Course
  • NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
  • NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor Certification
  • PoliceOne Academy Anti-Bias Training for Law Enforcement (Online)
  • PoliceOne Academy Community Policing
  • NTOA Patrol Response to Active Shooter Phase 1 & Enhanced Instructor Course
  • NIK Polytesting System Narcotic Identification Course
  • Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office Street Drug Identification Course
  • Westmoreland County Community College Police-Citizen Encounters
  • NTOA Basic SWAT Training
  • Penn State Deputy Sheriff Training Academy
  • Armstrong County Detective Sworn Oath
  • Paradigm Pipe Line Emergency Response & Awareness
  • ILEE Vehicle Search and Seizure
  • ILEE Sobriety Checkpoint Refresher Course
  • ILEE Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • PA Attorney General’s Office Prescription Drug Diversion Investigations
  • HAVIN Disabilities Awareness: Responding & interacting with the disabled
  • HAVIN Navigating Social Networking Sites
  • VASCAR Plus Certification
  • PA State Police Testifying in Court
  • ILEE Youth's Affair with Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • ILEE DUI Case Law and Court Procedure
  • ILEE BAC DataMaster Breath Test Instrument Operator
  • PA Department of Health Breath Test Instrument BAC DataMaster Certification
  • ILEE High Risk Vehicle Stops
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Training Center Act 120
  • Monadnock Expandable Defensive Police Baton Certification
  • International Police Training Academy Phase IV O.C. Aerosol Certification
  • ASP Tactical Baton Certification
  • IUP Criminal Justice Training Center HAZMAT First Responder Awareness