So Worth It: An RN earns her BSN, and much more.

Ann Lyon Ritchie -

The RN to BSN program is ideal for those looking to advance their nursing careers.


Why choose to advance your nursing degree? At Carlow University, many students already have a day job when they enroll. Charlotte Murray was one of them.

Murray was a full-time registered nurse (RN) in a hospital's adult intensive care unit, but she wanted to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). It was the next step toward her ultimate goal of becoming a family nurse practitioner.

After about two years at Carlow, Murray completed the RN to BSN program while continuing to work full-time.

“I feel I can apply more theory through the practice. Through the BSN program, we learned about research practices, how to look at research and work with evidence. Now, I am able to understand what it means to do a research project and how to prove and measure outcomes,” Murray says.

After earning her BSN, Murray took part in more research at the hospital. Recently, she received an offer for a position with the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. The job offers a pathway toward the kind of supervisory role Murray desires.

Carlow opened new career doors for Murray, while also opening her mind. Through courses in ethics and theology, she gained a deeper perspective on her profession and patients.

“The ethics course became an opportunity to have a dialogue on many ethical issues and to hear different perspectives. I learned not to judge others based only on their beliefs and to look from another perspective in order to gain a richer perspective on the issue. It was a growing process for me,” Murray says.

Murray also gained a new perspective through the Community Health Nursing course. The students discussed community efforts, such as Operation Safety Net that serves the homeless in the streets, and explored other ways nurses could bring care into the communities. “I felt inspired every day of the class,” she says.

While certain courses stood out to Murray, overall the BSN program reaffirmed her career choice.

“I love people, and I love to serve people,” Murray said. “Service is one of the abilities God gave to me.”

Murray found inspiration at Carlow. And her Carlow BSN degree gave her the opportunity to advance in a career she loves.



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