Student Spotlight: Catherine Foradori, BA English and Political Science ’15

Emily E. Martin -

"College can be tough, but I’ve learned from experience: put your mind to it, work hard, and people will reward you."

Graduation is right around the corner for senior Catherine Foradori, and while she may not know exactly where her career path will lead her, one thing’s for sure: she’s determined to make a splash.

“Hopefully I’ll wind up being a philanthropic United States Supreme Court Justice who travels the world on a yacht in her spare time!” she said with a laugh.

Foradori may have lofty aspirations, but they’re matched by her determination and grit.

Catherine Foradori, Political Science '15
Catherine Foradori, BA English and Political Science ’15 

Foradori found herself enamored with a number of different departments and programs upon her transfer to Carlow University. With academic interests that run the gamut, from classical mythology to comic books to women’s rights and back again, she decided to pursue double major in English and political science.

“I loved class with Dr. Lowe, she’s helped me find a comfortable place within the world of political science, and as for English, well, I love reading and doing research, so that felt like a good fit, too,” she said.

But Foradori knows that loving her classes and majors is just one part of the equation. “College is hard work. Not a surprise, really, but it’s not just my classwork. I spend hours figuring out how to pay for college,” she said. “The money aspect, that’s just one more challenge, but I’ve learned from experience: put your mind to it, work hard, and people will reward you.”

Reward, indeed. This past summer Foradori was offered an early decision spot in to study public policy as a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). And in February the Continuing Education Association of Pennsylvania (CEA/PA) awarded Foradori one of their annual scholarships, which supports two non-traditional students within the state of Pennsylvania who have overcome significant obstacles (financial and otherwise) to achieve a college education.

“I was so honored to receive the CEA/PA scholarship earlier this year,” Foradori said, “I work 24/7 on figuring out how to pay for college, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be recognized for my work and my efforts. And of course I’m very excited to attend GSPIA next fall!”

Though the 2014/2015 school year will be her last as an undergraduate, it promises to be a fruitful one: between internships, volunteering at a local women’s shelter, her thesis projects, and preparing for graduate school, it’s clear—big things loom on Catherine Foradori’s horizon. 

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