SPED-752 : Transition to Adulthood

Academic Level:
Special Education
Special Education

This course is designed to prepare special education teacher candidates to assist students with disabilities and their families as they navigate transition points such as moving from preschool to school and from secondary settings to work or post-secondary education. Effective instructional practices that support transition at each level will be a central part of this course, as will the range of delivery methods for effective transition. Transition remains a challenge for individuals with disabilities despite the focus on providing students with disabilities access to the general education. Special Educators need to understand the processes and procedures of transition from secondary school to post-secondary settings. They must develop facility with the tools that support transition regardless of the setting in which education takes place. A key focus will be on the vocational choices, training in education available to young adults with disabilities and the major societal challenges that face young adults as they make the transition into adulthood. Understanding transition assessment and incorporating transition planning into IEP development will also be a focal point of this course. The differing legal requirements between the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act will be a central part of this course. The field component of this course involves visits to sites that prepare individuals with disabilities to enter the post-school environment. 3 credits