NU-7924 : Integration of Advanced Practicum in the International Setting International Practicum

This course is a master's capstone course in which students will integrate the knowledge gained throughout the program into the practice setting. Students will practice the designated number of hours in both a local and an international clinical setting with an advanced practice nurse or physician preceptor. Students will design and implement a health promotion/education project designed to meet an identified need within the community and present an evaluation of this project to faculty and peers. 1.5 credits (88 hours in local site; 24 hours in international site). Prerequisites: NU 750, NU 7501, NU 7502, NU 751, NU 7511, NU 752, NU 7521, NU 753, NU 7531, NU 754, NU 7541; Corequisite: NU 792