CPY-805 : Social Justice & Feminism in Counseling Psychology: Theory and Strategy for Action

Academic Level:
Counseling Psychology

This class is designed to provide doctoral students in counseling psychology with a comprehensive introduction to social justice and feminism. The relationship between psychological distress and broader social realities will be the underlying principle on which the course is based. Students will engage in structural analyses of basic social and political institutions, and the ways in which they function to maintain inequities. Students will explore the nuances of such inequities and the impact of related systemic issues on the wellness and development of particular sociocultural groups. Through self-analysis, group dialogue, and assigned readings, students will consider the impact of socially constructed identity categories on which privilege and discrimination are based, on their own personality development and sense of self. In addition, students will examine their attitudes and beliefs about those who occupy identity categories that are different than their own. Students will consider the ways in which counseling psychologists can work as change agents at the macro-level and how to effectively integrate attention to relevant social justice issues into their practice of the profession, including psychotherapy, consultation, activism, teaching, and research. 3 credits