SPED-460 : Communication and Technologies in Special Education

This course focuses on language development from birth to adult in individuals with disabilities, the range of communication needs often displayed, and alternative technologies to support those needs. An area of particular emphasis is the teacher's role in supporting language and communication development in the classroom and as a contributing member of the transdisciplinary team. Collaborative models and communication strategies for developing effective working relationships with team members will be examined. In addition, students will study the role of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and assistive technologies; their selection, function, and application for promoting independence for learning and living. Opportunities for hands-on exploration of a variety of devices, both low and high tech, including switches, augmentative communication devices, alternative keyboards, specialized computer software, adaptive equipment, and other items available in Carlow's Assistive Technology Library will be utilized. 3 credits PREREQUISITES: SPED 230, SPED 332, AND SPED 334 OR SPED 336.