HPL-750 : Educational Research and Analysis

This course focuses on 1) understanding various types of research, how they are used, their strengths, weaknesses, and value in education research and 2) the process of more deeply understanding how learning performance is viewed, researched, explained, and advanced. Emphasis is placed on developing the knowledge and skills required to read, understand, and derive meaning from educational research. It will also prepare learners to recognize the misuse and false claims of research findings and provide ways to diffuse their impact on decision making. The intent here is to develop a balanced view of research methods, recognizing that, together, qualitative and quantitative methods are both used to study, understand, and inform the process of designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating learning performance. Care must be given to a balanced sense of methods and avoid bias and disdain for either. 3 credits PREREQUISITES: HPL 700, HPL 710, HPL 720, HPL730, AND HPL 740