University Archives

  • The mission of the University Archives is to preserve the history of Carlow University for present and future use which is sustained by the contributions and knowledge from students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the Sisters of Mercy.

  • Carlow University, founded in 1929, First Graduating Class of 1933
    From the University Archives: A photo of the first graduating class in 1933

    About the Archives

    The University Archives features thousands of items of varying media documenting the history of Carlow University and the Sisters of Mercy in Pittsburgh, beginning in 1929. Formats in our collections include photographs, digital records, books, film, video, audio recordings, paper records, architectural plans, maps, scrapbooks, artifacts, as well as the archives of the International Poetry Forum.

    Making an Appointment to View the Archives 

    If you have not used our special collections library before, please note that you must make an appointment through the main library (contact info at right) and you must use our materials in our archives room with a staff person present.

    During your visit, only pencils are to be used. Food and drink are not permitted in the library or the archives. Borrowing is extremely limited and photos are non-circulating items. If you desire to have a few photos or documents scanned, please be aware that ample time—approximately one week—must be given to gather, document, and produce the digital and/or printed products. 

    Making a Donation

    We accept various types of materials relating to the history of the University. If uncertain regarding the relevance of certain materials, the librarian will determine its significance. All material donations must include notes or summaries of purpose. All photographs should have the subjects identified by name, class, or graduation year, date, and name of the event at which the photo was taken. All artwork should have a title, date, artist’s name, and class year.

    Carlow University Photo of Mount Mercy in the early 1930s
    From the University Archives: A photo of Carlow University (then Mount Mercy) in the early 1930s; a Ford Tudor Sedan sits where Grace Library currently stands.