Traditional transfer students (those students transferring to Carlow who have graduated from high school within the past three years) are eligible for scholarships and awards to attend Carlow.


(Fall 2017  |  Spring 2018)

We offer scholarships to outstanding transfer students who wish to complete their degree at Carlow University. Amounts are based on GPA.

GPA          3.5+          3.0+         2.5+          2.0+
Award     $12,000    $8,000    $6,000    $4,000

All scholarships require satisfactory academic progress [pdf] to be renewed. All scholarships require full-time enrollment for continued eligibility.


Transfer students who are enrolling as new students at Carlow in the Fall of 2016 were invited to apply. Generously supported by the Francis Edward McGillick Foundation, this scholarship provides assistance, up to $2,500 per year for a maximum of four years, to financially eligible Catholic students. Entry deadline was August 1 for Fall 2016. Check back in the spring for 2017 information. 


Transfer Leadership and Service Scholarship Competition
Entry deadline: August 1, 2016, for the Fall semester and January 2, 2017, for the Spring semester

Scholarship requirements

  • Admissions: submit a completed application and be admitted to Carlow University by August 1, 2016, for the Fall semester and January 2, 2017, for the Spring semester.
  • Resume: please list and describe all high school and college leadership and service activities in detail
  • Essay: write a short essay about how your leadership and service experiences impacted your life.

Click here for the application.


Available to transfer students with documented membership in Phi Theta Kappa with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and who enroll at Carlow University. May be combined with other scholarships. 

Carlow Awards & Grants 

Awards include:

  • College in High School Award: $2,000/year for full-time traditional students who successfully complete (grade of C or better) a transcripted Carlow University-College in High School course.
  • Catholic High School Award: $2,000/year for full-time traditional students who are graduates of Catholic high schools.

Students may qualify for the following Grants, as determined by need according to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and Carlow’s financial aid packaging policy. Amounts vary based on need with a maximum of $2,000 per grant. 

  • Out-of-State Grant: Full-time, traditional students residing out of state.
  • Family Member Grant: Two or more members of the same family who are simultaneously enrolled as full-time, traditional students.
  • Legacy Grant: Children of alumni (completed a Carlow degree at Carlow University) who are enrolled as full-time, traditional students.
  • Courtesy Grant: Nieces, grand-nieces, nephews, grand-nephews, sisters, and brothers of a living Sister of Mercy who are enrolled as full-time, traditional students. Limited to one family member per academic year.
  • City of Pittsburgh Grant: Dependent children of City of Pittsburgh employees. 
  • Community College Grant: Full-time transfer students from a Community College with an Associate’s Degree and at least 60 transferable credits.

Note: Because of the nature of federal, state, and institutional guidelines affecting financial aid programs, the information contained in this website is subject to change.