Traditional Undergraduate Tuition


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  • If have graduated from high school within the past three years, Carlow considers you a traditional undergraduate student. This is the tuition and fees schedule for traditional undergrads:  

     FULL-TIME Undergrad Courses Per Semester Two Semesters
    Tuition (12-18 credits) $13,302.00 $26,604.00
    Activity Fee $114.00 $228.00
    Total Tuition and Activity Fee $13,416.00   $26,832.00  
    Credits Carried in Addition to 18
    (cost per credit includes fees)
    Meal Plan (3 options available) $2,583.00 $5,166.00
    Room - double occupancy $2,703.00 $5,406.00
    Room - single occupancy $4,911.00 $9,822.00
     PART-TIME Undergrad Courses
     Per Credit
    Tuition (1-11 credits)
    SUMMER Undergrad Courses
    (excluding Perfusion & AIP)
    Per Credit
    Tuition $642.00
     Undergrad taking Graduate Level Courses
     Per Credit