Theology is a scholarly study of the mystery of human existence and the interdependence of women and men as they relate to God. Theology examines the human experiences that have given rise to questions of religion such as the meaning of life and death, the existence of a personal God, the search for human values, issues of peace and justice, contemporary spirituality, and ministry of the laity.

These questions have no answers. Rather, they invite inquiry into reality in a unique way by engaging one in reflection that yearns for Sabbath, in other words, a sacred time set aside to ponder the depth of the richness and wisdom of God in human beings, in human history, and in all of creation. Following upon this, it seems that the theology major comes to this discipline already with a prerequisite: the desire to rest in the depths of holy mystery. 

The Department of Theology provides the discipline necessary for this unique way of inquiry through a sequence of courses in scriptural, historical, systematic, and moral theology, and pastoral ministry. 


Many theology majors have traditionally elected to teach religion after graduation; however, Carlow University offers programs that open a wide spectrum of career possibilities in the pastoral, liturgical, and health care ministries. In addition, students have pursued graduate studies in theology. 

Graduates are well-equipped to pursue graduate programs upon completion of their major. A theology major prepares students for graduate studies in literature, law, and other academic and professional areas. However, perhaps the most unique feature of a theology major is that it prepares the student for a lifetime of mystery.


Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Theology Minor