The Carlow Women of Spirit® Institute Summer Workshops wish to thank the following partners for their continued support of our programs:

Magee Hospital
Allegheny General Hospital
The McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine of the University of Pittsburgh
The Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh's Biomedical Science Tower 3
The Energy Innovation Center
Eden Hall Farm of Chatham University
Ronald Roth, MD
Rebecca Pounds, DDS
Chelsea Holmes – Women for a Healthy Environment
Center for Organ Recovery and Education
Roberta Renzalli-Cain, MD
UPMC Presbyterian Hospital

Carlow Faculty and Facilitators:

Stephen Borecky, PhD
William Kowalis
Michael Martucci
Monique Hockman, PhD
Michale Balmert, PhD
Kate McConnell, Carlow Career Services
Kimberly Haley
Michael Mehall
Laurie Petty
Carlow Tomas, MSN, RN
Mary Pat Sullivan