The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree at Carlow University is designed to provide you with an understanding of human nature and cultural diversity. The program is concentrated in social work theory and practice with a foundation of liberal arts studies. Throughout the curriculum, you will develop generalist, entry level social work skills that can be translated into practice with individuals, families, organizations, and communities. 

Students are required to participate in a one year, agency-based field placement, a corresponding classroom seminar, and at least 100 hours of volunteer service (necessary for admittance to the program’s upper level).

The social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Social work credit is not given for life or previous work experience.


Social Work Major

Degree: Bachelor of Social Work
Locations: Main Oakland Campus 


SW-216 Leading Communities, Organizations, and Groups: Theory and Praxis

This course explores human behavior in groups, organizations, and communities to achieve a theoretical, conceptual, and practical understanding of the workings of the macro social environment. An ecosystems perspective is combined with sociology and group psychology theories that promote a working knowledge of the operation and interrelatedness of macro systems and human behavior. Primary consideration is given to concepts of empowerment, diversity, populations-at-risk, and the promotion of social and economic justice at the local, national, and global levels.

SW-303 Social Welfare Policy

The historical, economic, social, and political facets of policies are examined from the social work practitioner perspective. Policies as society's response to human social problems will be analyzed and discussed for their immediate and long-range implications. Special attention will be given to governmental entities and non-profit organizations that address social problems through service provisions. Each student will analyze in-depth one social welfare policy.

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