PsyD Steps to Apply

  • Required for Application

    The following is required for application to the PsyD program in Counseling Psychology and must be submitted in one packet unless otherwise specified:

    • Completed application form [pdf]
    • Resume or curriculum vitae
    • Two essays (personal and reflective)
      • Personal Essay - is autobiographical in nature and focuses on the applicant’s developmental history, cultural background and experiences, and explains the applicant’s reasons for pursuing doctoral studies in counseling psychology (3-6 pages of double-spaced text)
      • Reflective Essay - addresses the applicant’s thoughts and understanding regarding the etiology of client distress and the nature of the change process (2-3 pages of double-spaced text).
    • Official scores from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) General Test.
      The psychology GRE is not required
    • Official transcripts from all previous undergraduate and graduate institutions. Official transcripts should be sent by the institution(s) directly to Graduate Admissions and arrive in sealed envelopes.
    • Three letters of recommendation with reference forms from professionals (i.e., academics and practitioners) who can address the applicant’s suitability for doctoral study. Letters are to be typed and submitted on applicable letterhead. (Note: Personal references are not considered.)
      • Download the reference form [pdf] and complete the top portion of the form. Make three copies, and forward the forms to your reference writers.
      • Direct each writer to: (1) Complete the form, (2) seal it with her/his letter in an envelope addressed to you (the applicant), (3) sign the envelope across the seal, and (4) mail the envelope to you. You then submit all three letters along with all the other application materials.

    If you have not received your three letters of recommendation/reference forms by the time you are ready to submit the rest of the application materials, you may choose to send all three letters together under separate cover, at a later date, but in a timely fashion.

    Completed application and supporting documentation should be submitted to:

    ATTN: Kathleen Chrisman, PhD
    Graduate Admissions
    Carlow University
    3333 Fifth Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213