Other Fees

    (Applicable to all students and non-refundable)
    Carlow Tuition Payment Plan Fee $35
    Traditional Student Orientation Fee $100
    Graduation Fee (Undergrad/Masters) $150
    Graduation Fee (Doctoral) $250
    Employer Deferred Payment Plan Fee $50
    Each NSF and returned checks $35
    Each Official Transcript $5
    Replacement Diploma Fee $25
    Portfolio (per credits awarded) $99
    Challenged Course (per undergraduate credit) $209
    Challenged Course (per undergraduate credit) $219
    EXP250 (1 or 2 credits in summer only) $250


    (for certain courses) 
    Course Audit (per undergraduate credit) $760
    Laboratory Fee (per course if applicable) $100
    Student Teaching Fee (per 3 grad or 6 undergrad credits) $250
    Professional Liability Insurance (annual estimate) $11
    FNP SIMS Fee (NU 7451) $400
    FNP Cert. Review Fee (NU 792) $300
    Health Record Maint. Fee (NU 745) $80
    UndergraduateNursing Supplemental Tuition (per credit) $184
    Health Record Maint. Fee (Day Nursing program) $50
    Kaplan Testing Fee (on 6 Nursing courses) $75
    Nursing Software Fee (NU 2161) $140
    Clinical Make-up Fee (per hour) $25
    Residency Fees (for travel courses) TBD