Online Learning Readiness

  • Take a look at the list below....are you ready to study online?

    • Because of my geographical distance from universities, I need online courses.
    • Because of my work schedule, I need online courses.
    • Because of my personal schedule, I need online courses.
    • The online program that I am considering will provide me with the coursework that I am interested in and need.
    • I am prepared to spend 15-20 hours plus per week working on my course work.
    • I am very good at creating goals and setting deadlines for myself.
    • My time management skills are very good.
    • I am very good at attempting to solve problems that I might encounter.
    • I am fairly comfortable using a computer.
    • I have ready access to Internet-connected computer equipment and software that the University requires to participate in an online program.
    • I can easily search the web for information that I am interested in setting bookmarks and downloading files from the internet.
    • I can effectively use email and attach files to my messages.
    • I have participated in blogs and chat rooms on the internet.
    • I usually study in a place where I can read and work on assignments without distractions.
    • I am fairly good at using the computer. I am comfortable surfing the Internet.
    • I can conduct Internet searches, set bookmarks, and download files from the internet.
    • I have a quiet and convenient space where I can read, work on-line and study.
    • I can learn easily by reading and can follow written directions.
    • I can effectively express my ideas by writing.
    • I understand information when it is presented in a visual and auditory format (text, pictures, diagrams, video, lecture, tapes, sound).
    • I am self-directed in my learning and can work independently.

    If you've answered YES to more than 15 of the statements above, you're ready to be an online student! If you've answered YES for less than 15 items, there are still many ways you can prepare yourself for online learning...take a look at the resources listed below. If you've answered YES to less than 8 statements above you might need a bit more time to sharpen your online skills. Contact Admissions today to find out more. 



    Need help with time management skills?

    Go to the Leadership (time management section) module of the Graduate School Prep Course.

    Need help with critical reading and writing and working collaboratively?

    Go to the Critical Reading, Writing and Presentation modules of the Graduate School Prep Course.

    Not sure if you have the proper computer hardware and software for the program?

    Review the Carlow University online student system requirements page.