• Art Education: Art Education (MEd)


    •  Optional PA Certification
    •  36 credits 
    •  Complete in five semesters 
    •  Financial Aid Available
    •  No GRE or GMAT required
    •  Classes begin August 29  
    •  Cost: $801, plus $13 University fee, per credit

    The Master of Education (MEd) in Art Education is a program that prepares you to obtain Pennsylvania state certification in art education (if not already certified). The program strives to develop competent and compassionate professional art educators.

    Graduates of the program will:

    • •  Produce artwork demonstrating advanced, professional-level skills and concepts in at least one art medium of choice;
    • •  Integrate studio, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics into well-conceived, theory-based curriculum development projects;
    • •  Incorporate current learning and psychology of art theories into applications for the classroom;
    • •  Immerse theories and best practices derived from art therapy into classroom experiences for all students; and
    • •  Formulate and execute focused, in-depth personal learning projects in the areas of art content and art education.



    Identify Your Area of Concentration
    •  Art Education
    •  Art Education + Certification

    Identify Your Preferred Start Date

    •  Fall
    •  Spring
    •  Summer

    Personal Essay

    One personal essays is required, typed, and double spaced. These essays will satisfy the graduate application essay requirement. Applicants will submit a self-assessment of their artistic ability, including reasons for entering Carlow’s graduate program (500 words). 

    Two Letters of Recommendation

    Applicants should seek recommendation from persons who can assess their creative talent, preferably teachers with whom they have studied, and others who know their capacity to work independently. 

    Resume/Curriculum Vitae

    Applicants should submit a current resume or curriculum vitae containing information on education, professional experience, membership in professional organizations, professional and academic honors, research and publication activities, and relevant public service activities, if applicable.  

    Creative Portfolio

    Applicants should submit a creative porfolio of their work spanning a range of mediums, i.e. sculpture, fibers, painting, drawing, jewelry making, etc. This can be submitted as a submitted electronically via email.  

    Please forward application materials to:

    Graduate Admissions for MEd in Art Education
    ATTN: Stephanie Wytovich
    3333 Fifth Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    E: smwytovich@carlow.edu
    P: 412.578.6363
    F: 412.578.8772


  • Major:

    Art Education


    Master of Education


    Main Oakland Campus
    M.Ed. in Art Education