The MSN-MBA dual degree program is a 51-credit program which can be completed in about two and a half years, either completely online or with a combination of online and in-class courses. In addition to earning an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) with a concentration in nursing education and leadership, you will also earn an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree with a concentration in healthcare management by completing an additional 18 credits in the MBA program.

The dual degree program provides you the opportunity to examine both the theoretical and practical aspects of business administration. You will experience learning in a small classroom environment and/or online, where theories are applied to case studies, simulations, and team projects. As a graduate, you will be equipped to assume leadership positions in nursing and will contribute to the discipline of nursing through evidence-based practice.

Prerequisite: An approved undergraduate statistics course is required.



MSN-MBA Dual Degree Course Information

Course Requirements: 51 credits
Degree: Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Business Administration
Locations: Main Oakland Campus and Online


NU-711 Health Care Innovation and Quality

Nurses of all kinds, but especially those who focus on leadership, must stay up to date with the latest developments in the science of nursing and health care. This course gives students a bedrock of fundamental principles and evidence-based guidelines for evaluating healthcare quality, regulatory management, and workplace leadership. As the landscape of nursing changes, nurses must change, too -- this course prepares students to be agents of that change.  

MBA-797 Healthcare Project Management

This MBA class is focused not only on the intricacies and obstacles of project management but specifically those that relate to healthcare. The student will get a broad view of the entire project management process, from inception to completion. The concentration on healthcare-related projects are especially applicable to those who also seek an MSN.    

NU-705 Nursing Leadership

This course focuses on theoretical foundations and conceptual principles of nursing leadership and the skills necessary to practice leadership competently in health care environments. The course is designed to enhance leadership self-awareness and to encourage students to fashion personal perspectives on how to lead professionally. Analyzing trends and issues in the current health care system that have implication for exercising leadership will help students determine the way they can make a difference. 

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