MA in Student Affairs Program Detail

Goals of the MA in Student Affairs

Through the program, the student: 

  • Applies developmental theory to practice within student affairs. 
  • Articulates an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of student affairs practitioners within the institutional and broader higher education contexts. This includes legal issues, program and policy development and implementation, and institutional communications.
  • Demonstrates helping competencies (e.g. active listening skills and communication skills, crisis management skills, discernment and use of appropriate referrals).
  • Applies an understanding of relational practice and relational leadership frameworks in the context of student affairs (mentoring, advising, supervising, outreach, etc.) to facilitate a growth-producing learning community.
  • Demonstrates a keen awareness of the ethical complexities within student affairs, a commitment to ethical practice and an adherence to the ethical standards within the profession. 
  • Demonstrates an awareness of social justice issues within the individual, group and larger systems levels in higher education, and advocates for safe spaces, inclusion, and equity.
  • Selects, develops, administers and interprets appropriate assessment methods to drive program and co-curricular improvements.


First Tier Courses (15 credits)

STA 703 Foundations of Student Affairs

PRC 701 Human Growth and Lifespan Development

PRC 702 Social and Cultural Foundations

PRC 705 Helping Relationships

PRC 733 Research Methods and Program Evaluation 

Second Tier Courses (18 credits)

STA 704 Relational Practice and Leadership

STA 711 legal Issues and Administration of Student Affairs Programs

STA 725 Co-Curricular Programming and Assessment of Student Learning

3-credit elective

3-credit elective

3-credit elective

Third Tier (3 credits)

STA Internship I in Student Affairs with Seminar

Electives in Student Affairs

Several electives are available and can be taken once most of the first tier courses have been completed. Note that the content of the electives is quite broad. One's choice of electives should be informed by one's professional interests and career goals.

STA760 Supervised Research in Student Affairs

PRC710 Counseling Theory

PRC711 Diagnosis in Counseling

PRC713 Group Counseling

PRC719 Advanced Crisis Intervention

PRC721 Career and Lifestyle Counseling

PRC731-Special Topics: Psychologies of Poverty

PRC735 Psychological Assessment

PRC738 Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling

PRC742 LGBT Lives and Cultures

PRC754 Relational Cultural theory and Praxis

MBA731 Management Org Change & Innovation

MBA732 Financial Planning & Analysis

MBA734 Project Management