Liberal Studies Major

  • Liberal Studies, Entrance to Aquinas Hall

    Program Requirements

    In addition to the Carlow Compass core requirements of the University, students majoring in liberal studies are required to take a minimum of 36 credits in liberal arts courses. Liberal arts courses are considered to be those found in the humanities, the natural sciences and mathematics, and the social sciences.

    All liberal studies students are required to take the following courses:

    Liberal Studies Special Topics (3 credits)

    Liberal Studies Senior Thesis (3 credits—taken only during the year or semester of graduation). The Senior Thesis course culminates in a required senior thesis where the student must demonstrate a working knowledge of the methodologies used in the chosen areas of concentration.

    Areas of Concentration

    Students majoring in liberal studies are required to choose a minimum of two areas of concentration from the liberal arts and to take 12-15 credits in each of those areas. Students may take no more than two 100-level courses in their areas of concentration. The remainder of the courses in a particular concentration must be 200-level or higher.

  • Major:

    Liberal Studies


    Bachelor of Arts


    Main Oakland Campus
    Liberal Studies
    Course Requirements:120.00 credits