Key Questions to Ask

  • As you visit and decide on what college or university is for you, here are some questions to ask:  

    Admission Questions

    • What are the differences between rolling and deadline admissions?
    • Does my application need to be accompanied by letters of recommendation and an essay?
    • What are the benefits of attending a women-centered college?
    • Are SAT or ACT scores weighted more heavily in the acceptance decision?
    • What were the average SAT/ACT scores for the most recent incoming freshmen class?
    • Average grad point average? What are my chances of being accepted?
    • What factors are considered?
    • What are the typical class sizes?
    • What is the average student to faculty ration?
    • What is the current job placement after graduation?
    • What percentage of graduates work in their field?
    • Are seniors the only students who can take advantage of the Center for Career Enrichment?
    • What workshops do you offer to your underclassmen to prepare them for the work world? 

     Financial Aid Questions

    • How much does your school cost?
    • Does your Financial Aid Office prepare free evaluations for financial aid?
    • Are there academic and athletic scholarships available?
    • Can they be combined?
    • Does your school offer institutional monies to help students?
    • What is the average financial aid package and what percentage of students receive free money?
    • What if our family finances change?
    •  Do you take into account any special circumstances that may occur?
    • What types of payment options are available?

    Academic Questions

    • How much college credit can I receive for AP courses in high school?
    • How many courses are taught by teaching assistants vs. full fledged professors?
    • How does the faculty advising system work?
    • What types of courses are all students required to take regardless of major?
    • Are the professors available and willing to assist students?
    • What types of support services are offered and implemented for students who may find the transition from high school to college difficult?
    • What are the costs?
    • Are the classes more lecture-based or more interactive?
    • Are internships available? If so, what are typical internship sites for your students?
    • Do you have and Honors program?

    Campus Life Questions

    • How safe is it?
    • How secure are the residence halls?
    • How easy is it to get into campus residence halls?
    • What types of activities do you offer students?
    • What special programs are offered for minority students?
    • What is the most difficult part about adjusting to college?