Will I feel at home in the Carlow University Honors Program?

If you enjoy being challenged, pushing yourself beyond ordinary limits, discussing controversial issues, and expressing yourself in new and creative ways, then the Carlow Honors program is definitely for you. Carlow’s Honors students are diverse, representing a wide variety of majors, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities.

Do Honors students take many extra courses?

No. Most of the Honors courses you will take will fulfill University requirements—the first year skills course, the two core courses, and the Junior/Senior Colloquium meet either first-year or core requirements. Major experience can be fulfilled through a major course or as a tutorial.

How will Honors courses affect my progress in my major field of study?

Honors courses provide innovative and exciting ways to explore disciplinary and interdisciplinary topics. In fact, students often say their Honors courses actually enhance their major field of study by offering novel perspectives and new approaches to learning.

What else does the Honors program have to offer?

In addition to providing a supportive and stimulating atmosphere for learning, Carlow’s Honors program also offers enriching cultural and social opportunities that foster individual growth, leadership potential, and creative expression.