Honors Courses

Honors courses are designed to enhance students’ major fields of study through novel perspectives and new approaches to learning. The Honors program consists of four Honors courses:

  • Honors Section of CC 100, 101, or 102
    Honors students are required take an Honors-designated skills course during their first year.
  • Honors Section of a Core Curriculum Course
    Honors students select from Honors core courses for a liberal arts foundation, emphasizing creative, innovative approaches and perspectives.
  • Honors Experience within the Major
    Honors students work with a faculty mentor to explore topics relevant to their majors through an Honors-designated major course or special tutorial. An additional Honors core course may be substituted for this requirement.
  • Junior/Senior Colloquium
    This interdisciplinary course examines a challenging social issue from the perspectives of several academic disciplines and may include guest speakers or extra-curricular experiences to provide additional insight.

Eligibility Requirements

Participation in the Honors Program is most frequently established by University invitation to high school seniors. High school seniors who are not invited to participate in the Honors Program may apply during the second semester of her/his first year if s/he has earned a minimum QPA of 3.6, and has received a faculty nomination.

International Students 

The director of the Center for Global Learning nominates international students who are eligible for the Honors program.