Health History & Immunization


    Carlow University Health Services requires all incoming full-time traditional students (first-year and transfer) to complete and return a Health History/Immunization Documentation form. The immunization portion of the form must be signed by a health care provider. Proof of the following immunizations is required: 

    All full time traditional students:

    • Two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR)

    Additional requirements if living in University Housing:

    • Hepatitis B vaccination series
    • Meningitis vaccination or signed waiver

    Additional requirements for International students:

    • Tuberculin skin test (PPD) within 1 year of enrollment (a chest x-ray is required if skin test is positive)

    Resident students who have not returned these completed forms will not be allowed to move into the residence halls on move-in day, until such forms are completed and/or appropriate waiver forms are signed.

    Any full-time traditional student who does not submit a completed health form with verification of the MMR immunization will have a “health services hold” placed upon the following semester’s registration.

    If a student has chosen not to receive the above named immunizations for medical reasons, an exemption form must be signed by a physician; if for religious reasons, an exemption form must be signed by a church official.



    Please call Carlow University Health Services at 412.578.6174 for more information.