Graduate Skills Prep Course

  • For New and Returning Graduate Students

    The graduate skills prep course was created as a self-help tool for new and returning grad students who need to brush-up on their academic skills at any time during their graduate career. Each module covers various topics and can be viewed and downloaded as a pdf for reference. You can choose to review the modules in their entirety, or review only one element of the various modules at a time.

    This self-help course is not intended to replace the services of the Center for Academic Achievement (CAA). If you are interested in, or have been referred for tutoring or workshops, please contact the CAA.

    LEADERSHIP MODULE [pdf] includes:

    • Leadership
    • Working in Groups
    • Individual Time Management
    • Group Time Management
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Professionalism

    CRITICAL READING MODULE [pdf] includes:

    • Critical Reading
    • Literature Review
    • Research

    WRITING MODULE [pdf] includes:

    • The Writing Process
    • Parts of the Essay
    • Revising
    • Editing & Proofreading
    • APA Style
    • Integrity
    • Copyright Law

    PRESENTATIONS MODULE [pdf] includes:

    • Preparing for the Presentation
    • Plan for Implementing the Presentation
    • Audio Visual Aids | Using PowerPoint