In order to get the most out of your study abroad experience, there is a process similar to the process for when you applied to college as a high school junior or senior. It takes some planning and research but the better prepared you are, the better your experience.

The process includes, demonstrating interest, becoming educated about the options available to you, researching countries and programs, researching financing study abroad, planning coursework, and applying to a program.

The Center for Global Learning is here to guide you along this process, but here are the first initial steps you can start to take:


1) Attend a SA101 Session

  • Your first step in the study abroad process is to sign up and attend a Study Abroad 101 Session. These sessions are designed for ALL and ANY Carlow students interested in studying abroad—students who have already decided on a country to students who aren’t even sure if study abroad is for them to everyone in-between! These 50-minute long sessions cover all the basics and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the study abroad process. You will learn about the options available to you and how to research programs. You must attend one Study Abroad 101 session if you are seriously thinking about studying abroad.
  • Signup via our portal page.
  • You can also signup on the signup sheets outside of the Center for Global Learning Office (304 Aquinas) or send an email to

2) Get Your Passport

  • A passport is a document issued by the government which certifies the identity and nationality of the holder for the purpose of international travel. A passport does not entitle the passport holder entry into another country, nor to consular protection while abroad or any other privileges. It does, however, entitle the passport holder to return to the country that issued the passport.
  • You cannot travel nor study abroad in another country, including Canada, without having a passport.
  • You have to apply for a passport in person if you are applying for your first US passport. You can apply at local Post Offices such as the Oakland Station Park Post Office on S. Bouquet Street, the Squirrel Hill Station Post Office on Murray Avenue, the Carson Street Post Office on E. Carson Street, or the Bloomfield Station Post Office on Liberty Avenue, just to name a few. For a complete listing please go to
  • You can find out more information about applying for a passport at
  • Keep in mind that applying for a passport can cost about $130-150 and it can take a while to arrive (up to 6 weeks) so plan accordingly.

3) Meet with Center for Global Learning (CGL)

  • After attending an interest meeting or a Study Abroad 101 Session, the Study Abroad process becomes much more individualized. You will then need to schedule meetings with either Garrett Margliotti or Nicola Rothery to discuss more in-depth study abroad options specific to your needs and goals.
  • Schedule individual meetings by signing up on the Appointment Sheet outside of our office (304 Aquinas) or send us an email at

4) Meet with Financial Aid

  • After you have met with either Garrett or Nicola, we strongly suggest that you then meet with Financial Aid in order to see what money and aid you have available to you. Study Abroad is an investment and can be an extra expense depending on your situation so it is crucial to work with Financial Aid as soon as possible to decide how to finance your experience.

5) Meet with Advisor/Department Chairs

  • Also after you have met with our office, you will want to meet with your Academic Advisor and Department Chair. This is important especially if you plan to complete courses in your major while abroad. That said, even if you don’t plan to work towards your major, it is still important to keep everyone in the loop as to what your study abroad plans are and where you are in the process.