Before and During High School, You Should...

  • Take your academic course scheduling seriously. When in doubt, follow the college preparatory route. 

  • Consider challenging yourself by taking advanced placement or college credit courses while you are in high school. Learn about Carlow's College in High School program.

  • Strive to maintain or improve your grade point average to maximize your admission and scholarship opportunities. Remember that grades from your freshman, sophomore, and junior year are reviewed heavily for college admission. Your choice of senior year courses is also considered heavily, particularly for admission to more selective programs. Remember that the more disciplined and knowledgeable you are leaving high school, the more prepared you will be entering college. Plus, small, private schools like Carlow continually review applications in order to assess your scholarship eligibility as your grades and test scores change.

  • Minimize distractions. Staying focused on your studies and maintaining good attendance not only highlights your motivation and commitment to education, but also makes those grades higher!

  • Use Web sites and occupational handbooks from your guidance office to research careers of interest to you.

  • Consider job shadowing to gain insight into the specific responsibilities of different jobs. Be realistic in assessing where your strengths lie. If you struggle with math, do not plan on becoming a mathematician!

  • Register and take the PSAT as a high school sophomore or junior.

  • Take advantage of SAT/ACT prep workshops, particularly if you experience test anxiety.

  • Plan to take your SAT/ACTs more than once to better position yourself for admission and scholarships.