From detection to investigation to prosecution, you’ll learn everything you need to know about fighting white-collar crime.

Carlow University offers the only one-year master’s degree in fraud and forensics that is 100% online.

"Carlow’s MFF program has opened numerous doors for me. It’s less textbook and more real-life than others out there."

— Mark Malinowski, CFE, CAMS, Class of 2013

Build a strong professional network that includes our experienced faculty, an advisory council of national subject-matter experts, and peers from a variety of positions and industries worldwide.

“There is nothing else out there like this program. The professors are passionate about what they do, and they’re very approachable. They portray their love for the subject to us without even meeting us face to face.”

— Maddie Miller, CFE, Class of 2013

A Carlow MFF degree gets results, whether you’re seeking a promotion, a job change, teaching credentials, or to pass the CFE exam.

“Those involved in fraud and forensics share a common goal: we are people who live and breathe integrity, have a passion for justice, and have a dogged determination to ascertain the truth. Carlow has all the training you need to get started.”
— David Debenham, BA, MBA, JD, LLM, MSc, DIFA, CFE, CFI, CFS, Class of 2013 


Learn how to uncover and prevent fraud such as identity theft, misuse of funds, and other white-collar crimes. Carlow University’s Master of Science (MS) degree in Fraud and Forensics positions you to work and excel in your field as an advanced antifraud expert.

QUICK FACTS: Application deadline July 25, 2016; classes begin August 7; no GRE or GMAT required; 100% online

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Alumni Spotlight

Mark Malinowski

“Carlow’s MFF program has opened numerous doors for me.”

CFE, CAMS, MS in Fraud and Forensics ’13

David Debenham

“I compared all of the programs and concluded that Carlow's program was, by far, the most relevant for practitioners.”

MS ’13