The accelerated program prepares academically qualified Carlow nursing majors to take a fast-track approach toward their professional future that includes graduate education and advanced practice roles. Students who qualify for this program may earn up to 12 master’s nursing credits by the completion of their BSN degree at Carlow University. Refer to the Department of Nursing RN-BSN Student Handbook for specific policies regarding admission into and progression across the RN-BSN to MSN accelerated program curriculum. 

  • MSN: Nurse Practitioner
    (Family/Individual Across Lifespan)
  • MSN: Nursing Concentration in Education and Leadership Online!
  • Dual Degree MSN in Education and Leadership/Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

A Registered Nursing License in the state where the nurse is currently practicing is required. An RN-BSN nursing major requires 120 credits for graduation. Of this total, 30 credits are advanced standing for RN license, 24 credits are in the nursing major, and 66 credits are in general education, support, and liberal arts, including University core requirements.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate nursing, LAI, and support courses must be completed before beginning accelerated MSN courses.

RN-BSN to MSN Accelerated Program Requirements: NU 412, NU 413, NU 430, NU 435, NU 440 and NU 450; NU 705, and NU 737 (may take NU 703, NU 712, and/or NU 725).

In order to begin accelerated MSN courses you must:  

  • Have a current, valid, active, unrestricted license as a Registered Nurse in the state where the nurse is currently practicing is required.
  • Meet both University and clinical agency health requirements.
  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of greater or equal to 3.0 while at Carlow University.
  • Achieve a minimum grade of B- in the accelerated MSN courses to continue in the accelerated program.
  • If a student obtains a passing grade below a B-, the student may finish in the RN to BSN program (not continue in the MSN accelerated) however; students may apply directly to the MSN program after earning the BSN degree.
  • A grade below a B- in an MSN course must be repeated if accepted into the MSN program