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  • English Degree Possibilities
    Q: What Can I Do With An English Degree? 
    A: Probably much more than you thought possible. Find out.

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    Do you have a passion for writing, reading, research, education, analysis, or communication? Do you want to study the world's words in a small, supportive environment? The Carlow University English Department engages the intellects and imaginations of our students through the discovery and exploration of literature and language. Our courses range from topics such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Gothic fiction; to technical writing, memoir writing, and foundation proposals; to world literature, LGBTQA poets, crime fiction, and environmental justice writing. 

    The English major provides a strong foundation in British and American literature, world literature, major writers, and linguistics. If you major in English, you will have the flexibility to focus on additional areas of interest by taking a variety of electives, combining your degree with a secondary education certification, or pursuing a double major or minor in creative writing or professional writing. Many major courses highlight women writers’ contributions to the history of literature.

    English majors develop the ability to read critically, to communicate clearly and confidently, and to conduct research with an open and analytical mind. The major prepares students for many professions that require strong analytical thinking and exceptional communication skills, including fields such as teaching, publishing, public relations, and law. English majors may develop additional skills and professional experience through membership in Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honors Society) and editorial internships for The Critical Point and Dionne’s Story anthologies.