Early Childhood Education Graduate Offerings

  •  Dr. Judith Touré 
    As an associate professor in Carlow’s School of Education, Dr. Judith Touré, School of Education Associate Professor researches relationships among race, culture, teaching, and learning.

    The Carlow faculty believes that teaching professionals who work with young children must give evidence of: 

    • Creativity and sensitivity,
    • Commitment to the development and learning of young children,
    • An appreciation of family and community relationships,
    • Skills in observing, documenting, and assessing child development,
    • Understanding of content knowledge in early childhood,
    • Skillful implementation of developmentally effective approaches and meaningful curriculum,
    • Adherence to professional and ethical standards,
    • Strong motivation for self-direction and continuing growth,
    • Openness to new theories and research,
    • Values that respect and promote the uniqueness of each person.

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